About careations


Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! 

It's cozy here and the lighting is good. 

Why am I here and why are you reading this? Well my mission statement can be summed up basically in three words.

encouraging ME time

Taking me time is essential in my opinion. 

Where it's simply you with yourself.

When you let yourself release all that doesn't serve you and allow all that gives you pleasure.

It's my hope that with these candles you will use them. While these look great unlit, they look even better in action. 

Life is short and candles should not be saved only for special guests. 

So go ahead, 

splurge on using stuff that makes you feel awesome today

some of the activities I enjoy by candlelight

Dance parties for one

(typically to Fleetwood Mac or C+C Music Factory Pandora Station)

Stretching and yoga

(turn off the lights and stretch those limbs by flickering light)


(gotta get my om on to quiet all those thoughts)

Watching Netflix with my hubby

(with a flick of a lighter a typical night in is made romantic)

Bubble baths.

(a classic for a reason)

Journaling and drawing

(it's like the spark of the candle lights up my creativity more)


(usually I do this while taking the candlelit bubblebath)

Making candles

(with every batch I make there is at least one candle burning)

Are you ready to shop some candles now?

I thought so!

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