Choosing Light over the Darkness


A tumultuous day for many around the world as a certain human takes the highest seat here in the U.S. In this time of uneasiness and fear I'm choosing to focus on the positive and good in my reality. I’m choosing to see the contrast as knowing absolutely what I do not want so I can focus completely on what it is I do want. We can't manifest a better reality from a place of desperation. We need to be happy in our now in order bring a future we love.

Instead of wallowing in the state of my country is in I'll share my voice. Instead of fearing the potential for my reproductive rights to be taken away I'll work on my connection to my divine feminine to help bring more softness and light to the world. Instead of focusing on anger and hate I'll thank all those I disagree with for their role in showing me the contrast that is here in order for me to focus on what it is I truly desire to manifest.


My word for 2017 is BLOOM


My awakened journey out of a life that was filled with numbing my pain with booze began New Years Day 2015. I'm starting in on my third year of detoxing my brain of negativity. It was harder than I ever expected to sort through my mind and begin clearing out all that doesn't serve me and replace all the negative doubt and fear with positive statements. This work is for life and every single moment I must be conscious of the language I choose to use. However it does get easier with time. One day I found myself tipped far enough over to the positive side of the scale that when negative things occur they don't have the power to alter my thoughts, actions or mood like they once did. 

My wish is for people who currently feel stuck to tip their scale closer to the positive side. So I will be over here in my little corner of the world sending out silent love bombs to those around me while ever increasing my inner light to help shine the way for others to see.

Now it's your turn!

I'd love to hear what your focus for this year will be in the comments below! How are you planning on bringing more of what you desire into your life and the lives of those around you?