My Go To Mantra

I took part in a 40 day global Sadhana (meditation practice) summer of 2016. It was focused on removing fear of future. This was my first time participating in a daily meditation practice plus I was brand new to kundalini yoga. I had found out about this method of energy yoga from Sally at The Wildheart Revolution and I felt the topic very timely to address in my life at that time. Sally was hosting a Facebook group where we could do the sadhana together and check in each day to talk about our meditation. 

On day 25 I was in the middle of my meditation and the following thought popped into my head. A thought that was there to combat feeling the weight of all my dreams and goals that I feared may not materialize. Like I had to have the dreams manifest immediately or else they would never come to me. It weighed down on my like an Acme cartoon anvil when suddenly this though emerged from my inner self to say


"There is!" I thought while I felt my body loosen up more and let itself be soothed by my soul. I trust that no matter what I want to accomplish in life I will have all the time I need to actualize it. In order to do this I would need to detach intuition from the fear - which in this case was fear of running out of time to make them all come true - and do all the steps anyway and let yourself breathe along the way. We only feel in the now so we might as well get happy in the now, right now.

What does this sentence bring to mind for you? Feel free to share in the comments below.


love + gratitude
Brooke G.