Candle Videos, A New Frontier?

I've realized how much I shy away from letting people in and getting to know the real me. If you know me you know I can be very quiet at times. It takes a lot for me to feel comfortable enough to open up and let my inner self out. I want to work on this part of me, getting comfortable with using my voice and sharing myself with the world. I've been feeling the nudge to take videos. The idea is a bit formidable for me, but I knew that by taking videos and publishing them here would help me to become more comfortable in my own skin to help me grow personally and professionally. 

So here we are today. It was a snow day here in Seattle and I started playing around with an idea to start taking candle product videos. Photos alone don't do these candles justice and making videos could be a fun new way to interact with you from the comfort of my home. 

And with no further ado I give you the first in many videos to come. This video is unedited, raw, full of "ums" and off camera glances, but it is 100% me.

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