Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

These are the [magical] days of our lives.

Any Days of Our Lives fans here? A show of hands please.

This was my mom's soap opera to watch. While growing up I caught bits and pieces of it over the years. My nap time would coincide with the show's time and I would often sneak out of my room to hide behind the couch where I would watch the show. Who wants nap time while Bo and Hope were struggling to be together?

Lately I've been getting into creating inspirational sayings. Mainly plays on words of slogans, song lyrics and apparently soap opera intros. You can see what I mean over on my Instagram page, Careations if you're curious.

I like to turn these sayings into affirmations with a focus on light and positive mindsets. A few years ago I wouldn't be caught dead uttering the words "inspirational sayings" or "positive affirmations" let alone admit to creating them, but life is an evolving journey and here I am finding joy in this newfound activity. No longer am I the emo woman who relished her negativity and got off on complaining about everything.

I've been working on my mindset pretty consistently over the past 14 months and have tapped into all kinds of resources and mentors along the way. Throughout all the books, podcasts, meditations, videos, courses, etc I come across basic concepts that most of them touch on.

Today we cover one of these basic concepts. The power of being in the present. As a society we get so caught up in our past and our future and what is all means. We tend to lose sight of our now. I forget who it's from, but I believe it was through Eckhart Tolle where I heard the line, "we can't feel in the future, we only feel in the now." Which means that if we can only feel in the now then we should try our best to be happy now. Happy while desires and goals are manifesting into their physical forms in our lives.

By choosing to be happy and grateful for what we have now we will attract more of the same in our future nows and what we desire will manifest more quickly as a result. This is the premise of the law of attraction. If we wait to become happy when x, y, or z happen then chances are by the time they materialize we will be fixated on a new desire that we hinge our happiness to. And thus we fall into living an often irritating and life that doesn't feel quite complete.

This all sounds pretty clear cut and yet it's difficult for me to apply daily to my life, especially when faced with a Monday morning. Working on cleaning up my mindset and dissolving unproductive critical thoughts is the hardest work I've ever done, and yet, I know it's the key to living the life I know is possible. The life I know I can live deep in my bones. A life where I'm the best version of myself daily. 

While I strive to manifest my biggest dreams into reality I need help along the way and I've slowly been adding specific tools to my belt to access when I start going down the rabbit hole of negativity. One all purpose handy tool I'm constantly pulling out is Positive Anchoring.

What is this you ask? Well let me walk us through what this tool is and how I apply it daily in my life.

As one of my mentors, Denise Duffield-Thomas says in her signature mindset course Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp that I joined last fall. 

What it takes to keep your vibrations high, it’s not through willpower, but scheduled anchors and reminders of your dreams every single day
— Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise is a self acclaimed lazy "chillionaire". She has found the ease and grace in creating her dream life into a reality while helping countless women around the globe in achieving their dreams. And she does so from a pretty no bullshit grounded place.  She empowers me to know I too can achieve a similar lifestyle through consistent mindset work.

Now I won't go through all of the positive anchors here, but the one I want to talk about is utilizing the lock screen on my phone to become a positive anchor machine. The mere fact that I pick that thing up probably an easy 100 times per day I might as well add a positive affirmation message that I will read each time I pick it up.

Let's circle back to the beginning of this post now. A few weeks back I created a graphic with a Days of Our Lives inspired saying,

these are the magical days of my life
— my intuition

I resonated instantly to it. Reading this sentence brings me back into my now, reminding me that each day is full of promise and magic. These ones, this one right in front of me today. The magic in life isn't the far off future for soon my future becomes my now. My future self won't magically come to save the day and whisk me away from my troubles unless my present self does the work to get there. 

This is what this phrase reminds me of each time I pick up my phone and see it appear as shown below.

I love it. I also discovered how much fun it is to make this phone wallpaper. I plan on making more in the future. If you connect to this phrase like I do and would like to use it on your phone then good news! I've created three iPhone versions of it available here or through Etsy.

If this phrase doesn't resonate I'd like to encourage you to create your own inspirational phone wallpaper. Something that will inspire and empower you to keep working on creating a life that right now you only dream possible. Something lights your inner self up encouraging you to keep working on becoming the best version of you. What does that look like to you? Please share in the comments below.

love and light,

Brooke G.

P.S. I’m a proud affiliate of Denise Duffield Thomas. If you decide to purchase any of the Lucky Bitch products and programs, I may receive a commission in the future. I share her course because it has helped transform my life in countless ways.