New Moon Rising

it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me
— Nina Simone

This morning I had this song by Nina Simone, Feeling Good, playing in my head, but my mind replaced the word "dawn" with "moon" instead. Seemed fitting as we find ourselves on the first night of the full moon in Aries. Since with each new moon the time is right for releasing what no longer serves us and planting seeds of new intentions to sprout over the course of this moon cycle and beyond. 

Fun fact: I set my very first full moon intention in June of 2015. Here is what I wrote word for word on that day.

My intention is to put down my shield that is blocking me from possibility of love and to go all in. I'm ready to meet my mystery man. 

This came after months of being fasting from dating and working on myself while manifesting up the man I wanted to be with. I felt it was time and so I set the intention on the advice of a psychic I had been seeing. Little did I know how powerful these intentions could be because the very next weekend I found myself camping with friends and spending time with one guy in particular connecting while we swam in the river, went for our own mini float, and threw countless rocks.

While I felt a connection with him I didn't feel pressure to act on it or speak of our connection in the moment, but we could both feel something was there between us. Then I was headed back to the city and a day later I he asks for my number from our mutual friend and we set up a first date where he took me to a park to float in the lake and later in the evening as we sat in a big field watching the sunset we looked up over the lake and saw a full moon rising. 

I knew he was my mystery man I wrote about being ready to meet weeks prior at that moment. I was right because now I call him my husband.

I'd say that's a pretty great first intention setting experience! Totally sold me on the ritual from then on out. I have to admit though, not all the intentions I set are a hit. Many are in fact misses, but those ones I feel I let my ego write and they aren't in my best interest in hindsight. Now I look forward to this time to light some candles, grab my journal, and let my intuition guide the way forward.

I encourage anyone who hasn't yet delved into new moon intention setting to give it a try! You really can't go wrong with it so long as you really dig in and listen to what it is you truly desire. Some intentions come true in weeks and others take a few cycles of the moon to manifest physically.  Go ahead and give it a try and see how the weeks and months ahead unfold.