Learning Patience

I was catching up on some FB conversations in a member group last night. It's a group that is focused around mindset work. Typically as I share a post or reply to another woman's post I gain some new insights as I type. Last night was no exception. 

As I found myself replying to a thread about wanting things instantaneously and about how I'm learning the art of patience a lot this year I found myself writing this,

In order to learn patience one must be patient

I mean duh right? I know, but it really hit home for me and shored up my resolve to keep at practicing with being patient and allowing things to happen in their own due time. I don't need to rush through it all. And neither do you. Let us simply float down this river of life and allow the things and people and experiences we need to come floating on next to us when the timing is right.

xo Brooke